Thursday, August 04, 2005


A Trait?
In a recent game I watched someone take a 0 level quirk. So I thought why not designate this as a 'Trait.' A trait is a 0 level quirk or perk which doesn't have a real effect on gameplay but an effect on how the players play. Players should be rewarded for playing out level 0 quirks to an efficent manner.

0 Level examples
Each zero level trait should be examined individualy. You should not allow someone to take a zero level trait if its such a character changing expierence. Alchoolism is a +5. However in a world of alchoolics alchoolism is not much of a deal but you still have it thus its a level 0. Do not limit 0 level quirk or perks. Just remind the players that if the take these they MUST follow through and use them with in the course of playing their game.

-Likes to Wear No Shows (0)
-Jumps when in combat (0)
-Hates extremely minor group of people (0) (Never encounters them.)

Monday, August 01, 2005

Knightly Orders

Knightly Orders
So you want to join a knightly order?
Just because your character wants to be in a knightly order doesn't nesscaryly mean that he or she will be accepted into the order. However first we must ask the player characters 'what kind of order?' The reason we ask this is because there are many types of orders founded throughout history and thus they're all differnt and unique. There are orders of merit, where you are allowed in based on well your own merit. You can not join these but instead must be invited into an order of merit. In Dice Chucker we should recongize Knightly Orders of Merit as distinct advantages to players presteige. Think, 'Sir John' in the modern English Order of merit. These members should be given an perk : "Order of "" +X" The cost is associated with the power of the order. An order which is only known in one nation will have a low advantage cost. While an order which is known in many nations (Like the English order of merit) should be given a higher ammount of points. Most people though will not know why this person is, unless they have kept up on the news. Instead Knights should present themselves of merit if need be. Walking down the street showing an order of merit would be useless and would actully be a disadvantage. While going to the royal ball and wearing a medal proclaiming your order of merit would be a definate advantage.

There are though other orders in which we can discuss. Royality orders are more of merit, and thus when talking of a royality order individuals should refer to orders of merit. These orders are imposed possibly on birth of a person, or during their first earning of the title.

We may though assume a third area of a knightly order. These orders are the Tuetonic, Hospitals, and Templar knights. Each of these were formed for a purpose of charity or service based on the circumstances of the time, all of which were the crusades. Joining one of these may be like joining an orgzanization, in which you must take an oath, but each individual order has its own enterence requirements.

Creating your own Order
If as a GM you would like to create a knightly order then you should first determine the type as described above. Next as GM the gaol would be to establish who the order works for. In the formentioned paragraph the three orders were sanctioned by the pope, and thus served the Catholic Church during the crusades. Orders of Merit seem to arise out of wars or situations of conflict. When designing and order of merit designate what the order of merit is all about, if for example it is about showing valor in conflict, then make sure all of the members have shown valor in combat.

Sample Orders :
Order of the Yellow Dragons
Order of Merit.
Sanctioned by the Neogli Pope III
Goals : To serve Neogli Pope III in all ways until your death.
Joining : You may only join this group if you have shown excelent financial proliousness. If you are weatlhy you are either in this order or somehow connected to this order.

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