Thursday, August 04, 2005


A Trait?
In a recent game I watched someone take a 0 level quirk. So I thought why not designate this as a 'Trait.' A trait is a 0 level quirk or perk which doesn't have a real effect on gameplay but an effect on how the players play. Players should be rewarded for playing out level 0 quirks to an efficent manner.

0 Level examples
Each zero level trait should be examined individualy. You should not allow someone to take a zero level trait if its such a character changing expierence. Alchoolism is a +5. However in a world of alchoolics alchoolism is not much of a deal but you still have it thus its a level 0. Do not limit 0 level quirk or perks. Just remind the players that if the take these they MUST follow through and use them with in the course of playing their game.

-Likes to Wear No Shows (0)
-Jumps when in combat (0)
-Hates extremely minor group of people (0) (Never encounters them.)


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